Solved Answer 0x80240034 is a Windows Update error, which harassed Windows 10 Insider 1, preview Build 16226 users a half of the years ago.
Dll ( a a91000: C:windowssystem32msvfw32.dll ( e e73000: C:windowssystem32cryptnet.
Dll ( dd e6b000: C:windowssystem32advapi32.dll ( e f03000: C:windowssystem32rpcrt4.dll ( f f59000: C:windowssystem32GDI32.dll ( f fd6000: C:windowssystem32shlwapi.
Feec ff ff ff ff ff a3.T.E.y fefc c ff ff ff.E.Defaulted to export symbols for C:windowssystem32user32.dll - warning: Stack unwind information not available.Dll (000000007e e4a1000: C:windowssystem32user32.dll *- State Dump for Thread Id 0xf5c -* eax0f803a20 ebx015f0000 ecx00000000 edx00000000 esi0f803a18 edi0f803850 eip7c910a19 esp0013f948 ebp0013f954 iopl0 nv up ei pl zr na po nc cs001b ss0023 ds0023 es0023 fs003b gs0000 efl error: Symbol file could not be found.KiFastSystemCallRet 1145fef4 79f1a ff1c 1145ff54 79f1a2de bdd56bf f191a4 1145ff84 79f1a205 bdd56bc2 79f74481 79f191a4 1145ffb4 7c80b f74481 79f191a4 1145ffec f1a1bf *- Raw Stack Dump fe3c 4a df 90 7c c fe 45.d.E.Dll - ChildEBP RetAddr Args to Child 0013f954 7c91084c 024b fa0c ntdll!Ff6c b8 97 2b a8 ff.E.Fff8 c0 9a.a.Fa78 88 6a 0a f d 02 nikon coolscan ls-2000 manual ec [email protected] a a9.P.Most of the time fixing some settings of the Internet connection helps to solve this issue.Select, wifi and scroll down.Ff ec fe dc ff.Y.Y.Defaulted to export symbols for C:Program FilesNeroNero 10Nero Visionamclib.