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This important paper describes the relationship of the orbit-cheek crease as a surface landmark for the position of the orbital rim.
The corrugator muscle has two muscular bellies, a transverse and an oblique.Vessels of head, neck amp; face.Deep lateral chin compartment Fat compartment deep to the depressor anguli oris muscle.Adipose tissue, as an areolar plane or as discrete compartments, lies both above and below facial muscles.This compartment is the boundary between the cheek and periauricular region.The boundary between the jowl and central cheek is an indication of the position of underlying facial musculature.Anatomic compartments may be superficial or deep.This simplifies locating the depressor anguli oris muscle for chemodenervation to elevate the corner of the mouth.Great auricular nerve Sensory nerve to the lateral cheek, ear, and ear sulcus.Seckel described in detail the most common potential sites for sensory and motor nerve injury on the face.Deep fat determines facial shape to a significant degree.Facial Danger Zones: Avoiding Nerve Injury in Facial Plastic Surgery.The size of this space varies between individuals and may increase with aging as a result of the forces exerted by chewing.These compartments are not always oriented perpendicular to one another.Facial atrophy underscores the importance of these fat regions in determining the shape and contour of the face: adequate stores of deep fat impart specific shapes and contours.Orbicularis retaining ligament Supraorbital artery and nerve Orbicularis retaining ligament Chapter 2 The Central Forehead 39 Extraorbital soft tissues family business 2 carl weber.pdf exist superficial to the orbicularis retaining ligament.Transition points between superficial fat compartments are one type of boundary zone.
It is here that the facial nerve travels on its way to the undersurface of the frontalis muscle.
The lateral boundary of the central forehead describes a safe zone for placement of a scalp incision.

The medial boundary of the cheek includes the upper lip and the nose.
Lip-chin crease Anatomic term for the labiomental crease.