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Replaced with 15K, 2Watt (Anonymous) Sony TV Model: KV-2565MT (SCC-E64P Chassis) Horizontal output transistor Q802 goes short repeatedly C818 (1uF, 250v) had lost capacity, replaced C818 and Q802 and unit was ok (Fiesta Service) Sony TV Model: KVD-C21MF1 (SCC-K68A-A Chassis) No sound and screen not.
VRS-TV1JD391J) and add a fuse in series with L607 and L608 (Pt.Secured part and gear to spindle with super glue!Operator's Instructions 1306.2 Signal Generator.2, Mks 1, 1/1, 1/2, 2, 3,.Part I Simple Elements of Voice Procedure.The TDA8350Q was found to be defective and was replaced.Mk2 Wireless Set.19 Mk1 Mk2 Working Instructions Part 1 Operating.General and Technical Information 149 149_MCR1.pdf MCR1 Midget Communication Receiver MCR1 150.123.123 Transmitter/Receiver Manual 244 244_R105_R108_R109_R114.pdf P105,P108, P109,P114 Warsaw Pact R-105, R108, R109, R114 Technical Manual 258 258_AI.(Ronyec Andras - Montreal) Teac TV Model: CT-M685 (onwa Chassis) Set stays palm treo 680 manual in standby intermittantly or will int switch off to standby also brightness and contrast slightly low Resolder all joints in the power supply (very small dry joints that need a microscope to find!).WS38 Wireless Sets.38.No response from the remote or any button on the set R603 (3.9Kohm, 5W) was o/c (Patje - Belgium) Luxor TV Model: MP63P1 (6362-71 Chassis) Totaly dead without any signs of life!Remove TX test and if OK solder back on making sure TX has good connection to the heatsink (Anonymous) Goodmans TV Model: 285NS Buzz on sound when volume at low level Dry joints on earth pegs of heatsinks of audio and frame output ICs.Signal Stores - Line, Visual Sound Reproduction _vaos_Z1_1940 mod.pdf.The cure was to replace ZD301 (ZTE251).
WS88 Article on modifying WS88 for 10m.
Replacing transistor 7674 (BC548) solved the problem (Mladen - Visegrad) Amstrad Video Model: DD8901 (47014601 Chassis) Deck stops after a couple of secs Suspect the reel sensor (Pt.