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Games 5 Views, nazi Zombies - Call of Duty - World at War.To install the sound mod, unzip the file "user-CoDsounds_3" into your "EA gamesmohaamain" directory.Games 59 Views, call of Duty - Modern Warfare.Editing was done where needed, but the credit for the original recordings is given to the Sound Team for Call of Duty.Iwd to COD2 Main folder.Games ai Belinski - COD Black Ops.Weapons: - m1garand - mp40 - ppsh - ppsh41 - nagant - SVTokareva40 - lee enfield - sten - stg44 - m1a1thomson - m1carbine - mg42 - browning heavy machine gun - BAR - bren LMG - gewehr43 - karabiner98k - Springfield other modders: MP40.Playing the game in Single-Player will ensure that you hear ALL the new sounds in this mod.Games 9 Views, germans - World at War Sounds.Some have been edited to decrease the irritation and to sound good.Games 9 Views Ultimate elpresador Soundboard This is the ultimate Elpresador Soundboard with all Beast"s High Quality!Games 1 Views, call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Soundboard.Firstly, I'd like to let everyone know that sharing this file is encouraged by me as long as you make sure to give me credit.Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is one of those exceedingly rare games that manages to do everything.Please, if you e-mail me, make sure to put something like "MoH Mod - CoD Sounds" in the subject line so I won't accidentally mistake your mail for trash!, here is a complete list of the modded sounds: "Character" Sounds- 6 New "Body Fall Dirt".Call of Duty 4- The game fires on all cylinders, with incredibly intense action, gorgeous graphics.Cartoon Sound FX 56 Tracks Cartoons just wouldn't be cartoons without the loopy, larger-than-life sound effects.Games 6 Views, call of Duty 4 sounds -.This work is licensed under.Sounds from Call Of Duty: World at War Nazi Zombies.This is xXezekielXx, creator of Call of Duty Sounds for MoH.
Games 2 Views, deadwood, music and COD4!