dmc ground control user manual

Digital music auto to manual civic hatchback conversion corporation 20 Assigning midi Program Changes Use the select buttons to choose each of your midi controlled devices.
If this is backwards for your processor, then you can invert the polarity by pressing cursor until you see: CTL normal Then press /YES to change it from "normal to "invert".
Is there any faulty wiring?To set the channel:.Test running 1)precautions IN test RUN, the initial power supply must provide at least 90 of the rated voltage.This turns off the device.Digital music corporation 17 Preset Access There are three different ways of accessing presets, "Bank "Bank4" or "Direct".Digital music corporation 19 program devicesthis is where you will: Select the Program for each midi controlled device.Digital music corporation 14 Ground Link Normal operation of the Ground Link is to control loops 1-8 of GCX #1.Then press select until you see: nknormal Press /YES and -/NO to toggle between Normal and Programmed progrm mode.This is where you: Select Programs for each midi device.Press cursor until the channel is blinking.Assigning midi Program Changes.Guitar volume pedals always have high impedance pots, typically 250K.Press 1 to Load (activate) Preset 21; the display says:.If you need to control a momentary switch function with one of the GCX loops, you must configure it as follows:.You can return to Preset mode by pressing select.You will see the names of each device that you entered in Setup mode.No: now update the foot controllers bypass switch state at each rameter Dial DirectionThis parameter enables you to change the cursor direction whendialing the Parameter wheel.
Digital music corporation 11 Note: Each device in your system software ultra iso terbaru must be set to its own midi channel to respond properly.

Press select until you reach bank.
Each of the devices (1-8) which are not being used must be set to "-".
A VCA is a Voltage Controlled Amplifier which is just a fancy name for a type of volume control.