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Neither of these compete with the Nucleus's audio functionality, however, as reflected in the considerable price differential.First we had the AWS900.Sota - Turntables Sotis - high-end vacuum tube amplification systems and high-efficiency speakers SoulSonic Speakers - Miro Krajnc's Impulse Loudspeaker Source Audio - DIY audio SOS Communications sound vision sound vision sound vision - Audio retailer - Orland Park IL sound vision Magazine Online Sound.Planet DJ - Audio and DJ online store Planet Hifi - On Line Webzine Planet MiniDisc - Mail order Minidisc Plantronics Santa Cruz, CA plasa - Professional Lighting and Sound Association Plasma Static Platenspeler - Hifi, Turntables and Do-it-Yourself projects Platinum Audio Platinum HiFi Club.Magnetic Transducer SMD type Shop4tech - online retailer of blank CDR/CDR-W and recorders Shoreline Amplififers - Tube products by John McCormack Shoutcast - streaming audio MP3 Showcase International Music Book Showco ShowPro midi - for Automated mixing consoles and processors show systems - Audio.Bundled with the Nucleus are two of SSL's wellregarded Duendeseries plugins: SSL Channel and SSL Bus Compressor.portable voice reinforcement systems Amps, MiniDisc and Headphones info Ampwares - Tube Amp Parts, Vacuum Tubes and Tube Amp Building Supplies AmpWorx - Vacuum Tube Preamp AMS Neve Am Stereo Works - The Specialty Electronics Site Amstrad - UK manufacturer audio gear Amtec Manufacturing.Nomad - a Japanese anti-MD site NoName HiFi - High End Audio Classifieds Audiophile Pages Norbert Bayer's DIY Audio Home Page Nordic Speakers Nordost Corporation nOrh Loudspeaker Company Limited - Thailand Normal modes of a tuning fork Norman Audio North American Capacitor.In 2013 Oldfield and York released a remix album titled Tubular Beats.His biggest commercial success is the 1973 album.high-end car audio Power Modules Inc Power Quality Webzine PowerSnakes - Audiophile Power Products - Shunyata Power cords Powersoft Advanced Technologies - PRO Audio amplification - Florence Italy Power Software Solutions Power Surge Power Systems - Surge Protection - Melissa TX Power Technology dspfx.It was followed in 1975 by the pioneering world music piece Ommadawn released after the death of his mother Maureen.Japan SAP Strumenti Acustici di Precisione - Salerno, Italy SAS Technotronic - Varna, Bulgaria Sas Audio Labs - Manufacturers of Vacuum Tube Home Stereo SAS(r) Bazooka(r) Home Page sasca (Swedish Auto Sound Challenge Association) Sascom Marketing Group Satory Speakers Saturday Audio Exchange Chicago, IL Saturn.OTL Tube Amplifiers VDO Dayton - car multimedia systems VE Associates - CD Replication DVD Replication vecteur Loudspeakers VEF Radiotehnika RRR - amplifiers, loudspeakers, and speaker cabinets - Riga, Latvia Velleman: Electronics, Kits, tools and equipment Velodyne Acoustics Inc.Professional Audio Sabra-Som Comercial Ltda.CD Printing by Beyond Concepts CD Projects - Media storage CD Radio Inc.Fantasy Electronics - Vancouver BC, Canada FAQs by Category: audio-fmts FAQs by Category: car-audio Fanfare FM Radio Fantasia - Japan Farm Fresh - recording studio and production house- Bloomington, IN Farnell - distributors of semiconductors and other electronic parts Farrer Associates - Sound Company.55 Personal life edit Oldfield and his siblings were raised as Roman Catholics, their mother's faith.If you know of an Internet Site including WWW pages, gopher, news, Telnet connections, or FTP sites, that we have missed (there have to be many!