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The email is a terminated string.
Appendix A - Genre List from ID3v1 The following genres is defined in ID3v1.C - Experimental indicator, spaceship medic harry harrison the third bit (bit 5) should be used as an 'experimental indicator'.Tsrc The 'isrc' frame should contain the International Standard Recording Code (isrc) (12 characters).The informal standard is released so that implementors could have a set standard before a formal game barry lyga pdf standard is set.The first of them is the 'Picture mime type' field containing information about which picture format is used.Technical committee / subcommittee: TC 68 ISO-8859-1 ISO/IEC DIS 8859-1.Dance Hall Written by Martin Nilsson Rydsven 246.Equalisation This is another subjective, alignment frame.If nothing else is said newline character is forbidden.X is used to indicate a bit with unknown content.'Premix right to left' does the same thing, but right to left.User defined text information frame This frame is intended for one-string text information concerning the audiofile in a similar way to the other "T"-frames.There may only be one "owne" frame in a tag.Questions regarding the frame should be sent to the indicated email address.The frame begins, after the frame ID, size and encoding fields, with a 'price payed' field.Each game dev tycoon full mac syllable (or whatever size of text is considered to be convenient by the encoder) is a null terminated string followed by a time stamp denoting where in the sound file it belongs.