Remember to practice electrical safety when restarting your windows 8 update driver access is denied system.
This is located in front of your P1 24-inch plug from your PSU to the motherboard.
Gently lay computer on its left side as youre facing the rear.Listen for the fan starting.Grab plug with one or both hands; press on the tab and wiggle aggressively while pulling upward until plug is removed.To see if the meter is working: o Place your black cable in the common slot on your meter for Ohms testing.Voltage Acceptable Ranges Your Reading Wire Color Within Range?Pull the cards out and set them aside to finish disassembling the tower.The MD73 model replaced the Gateway MD2614u 14 months later.This is a 3-prong plug.Assuming there is no power present; lets begin disconnecting the PSU from the system unit.RAM: The standard model comes with 3 GB of RAM.Be sure to test all wires to ensure all voltages are present on your plug.Make sure you game sepak bola pc size kecil are looking at the rear of your unit.If all readings are within the acceptable ranges, and youve made sure all connectors are firmly in place, now it is time to turn your system on, and check for start-up indicators.For the purpose of simplification throughout this text, we will recognize your computer Power Supply Unit as a PSU.For example, if youre testing for 115 volts, set your meter to 200 volts.A grounding strap to prevent being subject to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) which is the transfer of a static electrical charge from one item to another.

The first tool we will need is a multimeter.