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14 17 Help Screens Help Main Screen NEW: option to exit to Desktop 15 18 Help Screens sonara: sonara Help (Alphabetical glossary of terms) Free Space: Memory on Hard Drive 16 19 Help Screens License Manager: Displays enabled licenses VCare: Link to remote service support.
We are surplus equipment dealers and do not have the ability.Save checked will save spectra and go to next vessel in protocol.This is being sold as is and it does not power.Skip to main content "delay 300 295.00, buy It Now, view Details, the oscilloscope works just fine once tuned in, but is no longer needed.I am very unfamiliar with the operation of this scope.Selling FOR parts/repair.NIC Nicolet Digital Oscilloscope 3091 w/Extras 280.00.Does not include probes or any other accessories.6 9 System Set-up Screens Monitoring: Parameters (modify trend parameters and assign color to trend line) Alarms (change units, alarm parameters allows setting alarm values) Markers (create predefined markers; auto marker for predetermined values) Storing (continuous/event triggered) hits Detection (towards or away from probe) Adjustable.We currently have over 12,000 square feet of indoor indu.All parameters are on report page as default.This fee will vary depending on the size of the item.Buy It Now, when tested, power dvd playerware full version the oscilloscope powered on and the interface and buttons were working, but it did not seem to respond to any input signals.We are otherwise not open.Note that any other parts or accessories are NOT included.1 Nicolet sonara and sonara/tek Quick Reference Guide 2 Table of Contents Patient Set-up System Set-up Database Set-up Help Topics 3 Patient Set-up Screens Patient Set-up Main Screen Touch Screen (Virtual Keyboard) - sonara Only 1 4 Patient Set-up Screens New Exam: Select Existing Patient.No means to test further. I know its a long shot, but anyone know where I might find one?