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29 28 "The Punchy Pokémon" (Fighting Pokémon!Everyone Come Together!) Transcription: "Kodomo no Hi da yo!Team Rocket plans to capture the Snorlax, but Ash and his friends find help from an unexpected source.38 g " Cyber Soldier Porygon " Transcription: "Denn Senshi Porigon" ( Japanese : ) December 16, 1997 h Satoshi and his friends arrive at Pokémon Center where the Monster Ball transfer machine has been causing problems, as the transferred Pokémon never end up at the other.Kabigon!" ( Japanese :!!) April 23, 1998 October 28, 1998 Ash and his friends arrive at a town which is having problems with their water source.S21 Episode 5 Mission: Total Recall!) October 8, 1998 September 30, 1999 Back in Pallet Town, Ash finds Gary, already there, waiting to partake in the Pokémon League.The show returned afterwards at the same time on Thursdays.They are about to start when a strong gust of wind blows Pikachu away, and Ash tries to save him.Play Games Passimians Jungle Bowling!Team Rocket arrives to get Pikachu and when Mankey walks by, James kicks it away and in its anger, evolves into Primeape.Team Rocket's Meowth pretends to be his hero, but is soon caught by Misty.After explaining, Jenny takes Ash to the Pokémon Center where Nurse Joy begins treatment on the injured Pikachu.This season was shown on TV Tokyo.Final Battle!) Transcription: "Pokemon Rgu!Ash mx vs atv unleashed torent iso discovers his next battle is against Richie.Unable to get the circus' overweight.Over the course of the series, Ash has had several friends who travel with him, typically across one region, who assist him in his journey as much as he assists in theirs.11 11 "Charmander The Stray Pokémon" (The Stray Pokémon Hitokage) Transcription: "Hagure Pokemon, Hitokage" ( Japanese : ) June 10, 1997 September 22, 1998 While on the road to Vermilion City, Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu come across a Charmander sitting on a rock.Guren Gym!) Transcription: "Kessen!Pokémon: Indigo League is the first season of, pokémon, a Japanese anime television series known in Japan.
Satoshi and his friends decide to accompany Porygon, a computerized Pokémon, used by Professor Akihabara to investigate the problem, only to discover Rocket-dan and another Porygon are to blame.
Ash takes over as Ponyta's rider when Lara gets hurt due to Team Rocket's interference.

Mizu no Frudo!" ( Japanese :!!) December 17, 1998  October 30, 1999 Ash enters his first match of the tournament on the water field against Mandi the Astounding.
They notice a large group of Pikachu that Ash's Pikachu tries to make friends with.