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The FDA has written powered wheelchair manufacturers and requested that they test their new products to be sure that they provide a reasonable degree of immunity against EMI/RFI.
Information Exchange, we want to hear your questions, comments, and suggestions about this manual.Do not return faulty.Operation pilot controller battery The Pilot controller is an integral controller.Other Power Chairs, product name, z-11, go-Go Travel Mobility.Eastern Time Pride Mobility Products Corp.Introduction Pride Owners Club As an owner of a Pride product, you are invited to register your products.The FDA has also requested that these manufacturers clearly label their products with the immunity level, or state that the immunity level is not known.What is the FDA doing about the problem?Once you understand how to operate and take care of your power chair, we are certain that it will give you years of trouble-free service and enjoyment.Comfort adjustments To adjust the ELR height:.Like any motorized vehicle, it requires.This owners manual is compiled from the latest specifications and product information available at the time of publication.We are certain that the design features and trouble-free operation of your new power chair will add convenience to your daily living.Operation OUT OF neutral AT power UP The Europa Remote Controller is equipped with Out Of Neutral.Position the joystick in the full reverse.OAT ION To arm the lockout system:.The labeling and informational material supplied with the powered wheelchair must explain what the immunity level means, and the labeling or informational material must warn users about the possibility of EMI/RFI and how to avoid.Are all powered wheelchairs susceptible to EMI/RFI?Any changes to our products may cause slight variations between the illustrations and explanations in this manual and the product you have pur- chased.Assembly power seat option installation Your Jazzy may be equipped with the power seat option.Exeter, PA m, jazzy 1120/RevE/Feb03.
OAT ION trouble codes Your controller is programmed to detect faults within its own system.
Be aware of nearby transmitters, such as radio or TV stations and hand-heldor mobiletwo-wayradios, and try should remain at least three feet unity 3d 4.0 crack indir from ahand-heldtwo-wayradio and ten feet from a mobiletwo-wayradio.

Disassembly seat removal You may wish to remove the seat for transportation.