Secrets: This section reveals the windows xp embedded sp1 tools location of hidden weapons and details on pastel accounting software tutorials the games alternate ending.
You reach a boarded up door; test out your new Scorpion Sword.
The Dahaka pursues close behind and you must quickly, yet carefully, traverse a series of obstacles to remain ahead of the creature.Follow these beams to the exit.Her assault sends the Dahaka off the cliff where he hangs on for dear life.If you press a switch out of order, the entire sequence resets.Explore the next recess for another container holding sand.Swing, run along the wall, and then jump to the right side to land on the ledge.Jump from the tree to the bar so you can swing to the next column.Slow time if necessary with Eye of the Storm then run along the left wall and jump to the platform on the left.The Fortress Rebuilt Returning from the save fountain, leap up the ledges on the right side of the center walkway.The blades now move up and down along the walls.Objective: Reach the Hourglass Chamber (Past).When the opening appears above your position, jump backward to grab hold of the platform.To activate the room, you must toggle the four switches in the room in the appropriate order.Run up the right wall and jump back to the ladder.Grab it if its there; if not, backtrack and find the remaining life upgrades if you wish.