These include a relocated slide release button, moved from the left side of the receiver to the left side of the trigger plate, and a redesigned inertial slide release, incorporated into the design of the trigger plate.
#2 1913/14-1915: This is the first of the transition period trigger groups.Stevens Catalog #56 (1925 sears Catalog Fall : During this period the fore grip got a diamond cricket 2004 pc game checkered pattern and in 1927 the 620 was introduced.Sears Catalog Fall 1933, notice there is no shell stop set screw under the front corner of the ejection port 1933-35 Stevens 520 psp cso king arthur Right Side 1933-35 Stevens 520 Left Side (Early) 1933-35 Stevens 520 Left Side (Later).Part Key: 6, breech Bolt,.20 Stevens World War II M520-30 trench gun with M1917 bayonet References edit a b c Vorisek, Joseph (1992).Stevens Arms Tool Company.For cost saving purposes Stevens seems to have incorporated 620 changes, with the exception of the safety, into the 520 either at the same time or shortly after.Sears Catalog Fall Stevens 520A Throughout 520 production there were times when they were offered with raised matted rib barrels.Without accurate records, I decided to chart an evolution of the 520 design by studying actual guns and available advertising literature.Unfortunately, the Stevens advertising continued to represent the guns with the original slide release configuration.Bu1903-1909 u/b John Browning filed a patent for a hammerless shotgun w/ a unique take-down barrel and locking breech block on, it was approved on along with a separate patent, that applies to the connection between the slide arm and the fore end, became the.However, Stevens advertising continued to use pictures from the period above that do not show the slide release and inertial block changes that happened pre-1916 as evidenced sony handycam dcr-trv950 manual by guns with both company name styles incorporating the changes.The shotgun went through several design changes during this period.14 Stevens Model 520 (1938-1939) The Model 520 last appeared in a Stevens sales publication in 19 (Catalog #57) 5 but remained in full production until 1939.Stevens had an accidental fire in their records room right after WWI when they were being investigated for war profiteering and there was a great flood of the Connecticut River in 1936 that damaged the factory and records room again.There was a short period during the early phase of 1933-35 when Stevens dropped the breech block stop screw from the left side of the receiver so it is possible to find early guns from this period with and without them.
1938-39 : This was when the trigger safety was dropped and replaced with the push button cross-bolt safety located behind the trigger.
A b Vorisek, Joseph (1994).