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Tascam FW1082 Cakewalk sonar Setup Control Details Additional Transport Transport Wheel Special SELect Pan EQ Aux FKey Arrow (Cursor) Keys Master Fader Assignment.Hold SET and press the bank key to go to previous Output Busses or switch back to normal track operation. .In midi ctrl mode, these keys send out specific con- troller commands.The screen below will resmed s8 clinical manual appear where you can configure the F Keys and save/load configurations. .This key has no effect application software.Page 2, setup For Sonar compatibility, the FW1082 comes with a control surface plugin that is compatible with Sonar.1b higher on Windows XP/SP1 higher. .Open the FW1082 control panel and select Native Mode from the Control Protocol drop down menu under the Settings tab. .FKey Shortcuts The functions of the FKeys are programmable in Sonar by selecting tascam FW1082 under the Tools menu. .In midi ctrl mode, they first two indicators show, whet.When moving the cart/apparatus combination to 4 Follow all instructions.Depend on the application.Through its two vir- tual midi ports.Hold shift and press the bank key or the bank key, to shift the FW1082's controls to the next or previous channel, respectively. .REC indicators In computer mode, depending on the DAW application, these indicators light to Channel Faders In computer mode, the channel indicate the track record status (armed or reco.This equipment has been tested and found to Cet appareil numérique de la class A est conforme à la comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, norme NMB-003 du Canada pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.Often evolve and develop after their initial release, we These Application Notes are included on the FW- sug.
Midi messages to external devices via its midi out- puts or to soft synthesizers, etc.
Bands 14 of Sonars Channel EQ is supported.

1 Open the FW-1082 Control Panel 2 Select the Settings tab Figure.2: Selecting Native Mode protocol For more detailed information on specific implemen- tation within the host application, please refer to the Application Notes for your software of choice.