If you find some, consider waiting to upgrade until later, when the bug(s) have been fixed.
It will still be there the next week and the next month.Finish the installation as normal install.Search for Bugs, the most common and usual problem is graphics card driver issues.You have to remove these PPAs using another method: install ppa-purge.There is no reason to upgrade from day one."First Run Wizard" will appear and click Next button.In your case, select the.iso on your desktop.Feel free to edit this player m4v in linux cnet answer and make it more understandable (language correction) or/and improve it (additions).A 64-bit guest needs the, cPU virtualization technology (VT-x AMD/V) to be enabled in bios.Get a cup of coffee, relax and wait, be patient until the upgrade finishes.It is a good idea to do a little housekeeping before an upgrade to a new version.This script will allow you to downgrade all the essential packages to the original (official) Ubuntu version.Select your Ubuntu iso file and click Next button.

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