Faster Cars R, Black, L, L, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right,.
Full Health : Enter "aspirine heals Tony back to full health.
Weapon Set 3 : Enter "nuttertools".Chick Magnet, chicks with Guns, Cloudy Weather, r2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2,.While many people are up for the challenge of trying to beat a video game on their own without any help, many simply don't have the patience to beat a game without the help of some cheat codes.Dick Skin : Enter "weloveourdick" Changes the player character serious sam hd the first encounter crackfix to Dick.Media Level Meter Black, B, Up, L, Right, R, Right, Up, X,.Cheat Code Effect panzer Spawn a tank travelinstyle Spawn a Bloodring Banger gettherequickly Spawn a fast Bloodring Banger getthereveryfastindeed Faster car getthereamazinglyfast Fastest car thelastride Spawn Romero's hearse rockandrollcar Spawn a limo betterthanwalking Spawn a caddy gettherefast Spawn a Sabre Turbo rubbishcar Spawn a garbage.Overcast Weather Black, A, L, L, White, White, White,.Change Clothes, right, Right, Left, Up, L1, L2, Left, Up, Down, Right.Spawn a Sabre Turbo Right, White, Down, White, White, A, R, L, B, Left.We've listed the details below: On the first Umberto Robina mission, get into the boat.Thank you for printing this page from.For desired effect, enter the, gTA Vice City cheat code listed in bold any time during game play.Ricardo Skin : Enter "cheatshavebeencracked" Changes the player character to Ricardo Diaz.