Stopwatch function - 1/100 sec.
Buckle 2 Years - 1 Battery, the battery supplies the watch with sufficient energy for approx.
3 options for DST and two options for 12/24, or M/D, D/M format).I turned to the web and, after widening the search to digital watch battery replacement metal clip finally found a small number of photographs that showed me the trick.They only need to be snug; do NOT over-tighten.B moves west, D moves East.For anyone with a similar watch who might be searching (as I did, futilely) for aid and assistance, here are some notes and pictures.When a state is set as desired press C to go to next setting mode.For setting seconds use D to set to 00 When there's number to set (year, month, day, etc.) Use D for 1, B service manual diagrams ford zx2 1999 for -1.The time can be set to the nearest minute and up to 1 hour in advance.Alarm Mode (shows crack mac cs3 2008 ALM).Note: the instructions refer to buttons A, B, C, D, in this layout.As a result of certain aspects of our watches we only recommend that Casio authorized technicians work on the watch.(This is the auto/manual setting screen.) Press D to toggle auto receive ON and OFF.40,00 g, availability of models and/or lineups may differ depending on the country or region.Press down on the clasp at the bottom until it snaps into place.Thank you for contacting Casio America Inc.Reset your location and time.Like many of the Amazon customers who have written reviews of this watch my wife has tried two of them and had serious problems: after working perfectly for about two years, each watch started re-setting the time and date to January 2005.The "hinge" is at the upper edge of the retainer clip (toward the top of the watch).Radio signal receiver (EU, USA, Japan).You use these instructions at your own risk.Replace the gasket, if it came out during the battery-replacement procedure.