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The Device Address appears, which is read only.b c, lincoln el desconocido pdf eN, eN, eS, eS, eN, eS, eN,.The instructions for setting up the HP Photosmart for faxing differ depending on whether you have a serial- or parallel-type phone system.Quite la cinta y el tope de cartón del interior del dispositivo.Start Here, remove all tape from the front and back captain wafer crackers nutrition facts of the device.Open the device as shown in graphic.Otherwise, the HP Photosmart software installer might try to use one of the reserved drive letters and you will not be able to access that network drive on your computer.You do not need to continue answering questions.To create a network profile note: The product comes configured with a network profile with hpsetup as the network name (ssid).Ajuste la pantalla y quite la película protectora.Then look up the appropriate setup case in the second or third column based on your phone.Start Wireless Setup Wizard.Highlight Wireless Radio and press.Press the down arrow button to highlight Wireless Setup Wizard, and then press.In the Control Panel, double-click Network Connections.