Simply select it (after you get your mod/modpack vbagx 1.20 cracked n70 working click Save at the bottom of the page, and restart your server to start using.
Other features, ability to toggle spawning of mobs (useful for dissabling custom spawners if one is causing lag).Don't take it personally; just write more code and update the wiki.So far it does the following: Stops players from crafting banned items.For modpacks using Forge. use the mcpc options.MobiusCore does not work with mcpc/Cauldron/KCauldron (and possibly Thermos - untested).The Forge build any SpongeForge version requires is listed in the SpongeForge file name (Usually 'spongeforge-MC Version-Forge Build-Sponge Version-beta-Sponge Build.This might not be what you wanted.Note: Although both SpongeForge and all Sponge plugins are installed in the mods' directory with all of your other mods, they still act the same as ordinary plugins and you do not need to install SpongeForge or the plugins on your launcher.Commands Permissions page, if the selected item does not have a data value then set it to 0, likewise if it has lots of different data values for, say, damage on a tool then use * as the data value., see the Permissions and commands.However - you can still use plugins on the server in the form of Sponge Plugins.Easy 1-Click Installer Method (for mcpc and Cauldron/KCauldron/Thermos) : At the time of this writing, the mcpc and Cauldron server JAR files should be available from the JAR File drop down menu in the Multicraft control panel.