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The Shapefile will then have been loaded.
You only need to click OK once Quantum may add layers twice if you hit OK twice!
Procedure for preparing data for import The layered map is made possible by changing the ls-dyna keyword manual r5 setting MAP-ND-TR to true in the Settings worksheet of the Data Editor.
In a nutshell: c reating a multi-layer interactive map, the layered map works by making map areas with no data invisible.The County of Ottawa disclaims any liability, loss, injury, or damage incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, resulting from the use and application of any of the contents of this web site.Procedure for Shapefile preparation, in Quantum GIS, start a new project and add the Shapefile polygon layers that you wish to include in your final map.Ultimately all you need is two columns in the final DBF: one with a unique ID and one with the area name.If the map now appears, you are nearly ready to import data.It is also usually a good idea to make this the first column if it is not already.This allows one to selectively hide layers of map areas for which there is no data.You may prefer to amend your original source Shapefiles rather than fix them after they are merged.I find it useful to rename the column that contains the unique reference geogid making sure you dont delete the first comma or the characters after it as these describe cbs full episodes ncis the type of data held in the column.Things to bear in mind at the Statplanet preparation stage You may wish to retain any data in the existing model so that you can check whether the map is loading correctly even if the data is gibberish for your map.The datasets used in the example do not have any null data points in any layer as they are based on Census data.Copy your merged Shapefile and related DBF to the map and webmap directories. .When you have finished importing data, choose Save Data on the Import worksheet.Prepare StatPlanet to handle the merged Shapefile You will now be setting up the merged Shapefile within StatPlanet so that the Data Editor can see all the names and IDs ready for importing of data.
The layered map works by setting MAP-ND-TR to true to make columns (i.e.
Delete any extraneous columns from the DBF they have no purpose in StatPlanet.