pro check blood pressure monitor manual

RF Emissions - cispr 11 Class B Harmonic emissions IEC Not Applicable Voltage Fluctuations / Flicker Emissions IEC Not Applicable V1 P 80 MHz to 800 MHz.167 P 800 MHz.5 GHz.333 P FCC statement The device is intended 64 bit game itunes installer for.
With the monitor off, press the MEM button to display the latest measurement.
Never change a prescribed medication without your physicians consent.Contact your physician immediately if pre-hypertensive or hypertensive values are indicated.This device is intended for adult use only.It's important to check manual renault scenic 2004 pdf how well your heart pumps blood.In addition, this video explains the steps in taking a manual blood pressure, explains how.What actually happens to the vein.Surge IEC kV line(s) to line(s) 2 kV line(s) to earth N/A Mains power quality should be that of a typical commercial or hospital environment.Separation distance according to frequency of transmitter (m) IEC 62304:2006AC: 2008 Medical device software - Software life cycle processes EMC guidance Table 1 Guidance and Manufacturers declaration electromagnetic emissions for all ME equipment and ME systems Electromagnetic environment - guidance RF Emissions - cispr.Then you will select your preferred time format.If applicable, roll or push up your sleeve to expose your skin.This device does not replace a cardiac examination, but serves to detect pulse irregularities at an early stage.Blood Pressure Facts : How to Check Blood Pressure.Repeat steps 2 3 to confirm hour minute.Does it matter which wrist I use?If the device is not operating properly, Measurement range Pressure: 0kpa - 40kpa (0mmHg-300mmHg) Pulse value: beats / minute Accuracy Pressure: 3mmHg ( 200 mmHg,2) pulse value:5 Normal working condition Temperature: 41F - 104F Relative humidity 85 Atmospheric Pressure: 80kPa to 105kPa Storage transportation condition.1.888.870.2132 There are no express warranties except as listed to the right.All other records are pushed back one space (e.g., 2 becomes 3, and so on and the last record is dropped from the list when more then 60 records have been saved.Press and hold the MEM button for 3 seconds to enter the dEL ALL mode.
Check blood pressure by fitting the cuff snug on the arm, placing the gauge where it can be seen, but is still in line with the brachial artery, and putting the.