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Masterwork Stormhammer : The Chain Lightning cast by this item will no longer jump to carnival cruise keygen line tycoon cheats secondary targets which are under the effect of crowd-control spells that break on taking damage.
Illumination : The mana energize from this talent no longer has a chance to set off other triggered effects.Libram of Righteous Power : The bonus damage for Crusader Strike has been increased.Players in good standing with the faction will be granted ease of passage to the Caverns of Time.The Season Rebirth option does just this, taking a non-Seasonal hero, reducing them to level 1, and stripping all their gear.These recipes requires 250 skill to learn, and are created from meat found on level 48-56 bears.Icy Veins no longer increases the chance your chilling effects will Freeze the target, but now increases the chance to avoid interruption caused by damage while casting any spell by 100 while active.It will also function properly even when the Priest with Touch of Weakness on is silenced or stunned.Whirlwind : Critical strikes with the off-hand weapon from this ability can now trigger Flurry and Rampage.For additional notes on Lua rise of nations 2 full game and XML changes please visit the UI Macros Forum.Shaman Elemental PvP Sets: The resistance on Lightning Bolt spell pushback has been reduced.The benefits of drinking out of combat have been delayed while in the Arena.You may now fight Prince Kael'thas and Lady Vashj without first killing all the other bosses in their respective dungeons.Improved Hamstring (Arms) effect is now subject to diminishing returns when used in PvP.Eye of Culuthas and Hound of Culuthas now drop grey loot.You can now declare war on a faction in the reputation UI while you are in combat.
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Dungeon and Group Quest Experience: The amount of experience awarded for dungeon and 5-person group quests in Outland has been increased in almost all cases.

The flag on the battle map in Eye of the Storm will no longer show up as Horde controlled even if an alliance player has picked.