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Yoga philosophy patanjali pdf

yoga philosophy patanjali pdf

Since in Samprajnata-yoga* the philosophy ultimate reality or supreme knowledge is revealed, it is said to be leading to the arrested state (Nirodha).
In the Sutra* the word 'Sarva' or 'all' being absent (i.e.
Tanmatras* are devoid philosophy of pleasure, pain or stupefaction,.e.Telepathy is of this class.The 'Aklistas on yoga the other hand, are those that yoga concern final discriminative enlightenment (Khyati and are opposed to the operation of the Gunas* (3).If Chaitra was not seen before, the statement will not convey any particular information about Chaitra.This complete knowledge is mental perception.If you think that a patanjali book is in such and such a place, that thought will at once rise in their mind,.e.Vijnana-bhiksu the commentator on Samkhya-pravachana-bhasya has said: "These instructions have been given to aid contemplation on the meaning of the Srutis*." It is also said in the Mahabharata "Samkhya* is the philosophy of liberation." (3) YogaThis term has various meanings like union of Jivatma* and.No doubt such experience depends on long and constant practice with wisdom and devotion and it is not possible without renunciation of attachment to all gross objects.By realising patanjali that the subtle principles of Tanmatra* are nothing but variations of the I-sense, he arrives at the pure awareness of the 'I' as a principle or category and then with discriminative knowledge he realises the Purusa* principle.That sort of disturbed mind never feels happy in meditating on the Self (Atma or in being detached from the objects of the senses; rather it feels happy in the abundant fulfilment of its desires and enjoyment of the objects of the senses.Some men are found naturally to possess the power to find out what is in another mind, or can communicate his own thought to another.We patanjali cannot think of the total absence of anything.Chitta patanjali comes into contact with objects through six sense-channels. In the knowledge of objects, 'I' am the the knower,.e.
(5) The principle of Rajas causes activity,.e.

That is why the feelings or states of philosophy torrent fluctuation like happiness or misery have not been included.When with the help of studio Viveka-khyati* and supreme renunciation the arrested embarcadero state of the mind is made permanent, the state of liberation or Kaivalya ensues.In the Yogic concentration, where only a single item of thought is kept in the mind to the exclusion of others, there are stages.The five external sense-organs and the Sixth internal one, called Manas, are the channels recognised by the science of Yoga.It is to be understood that subtitle the Sastra * dealing with the regulations relating to Yoga is now going to be explained (2).The word 'Darsana in the"tion from Panchasikha*refers to the pure manual Self or pure Conscious- Page 13 season ness and the word 'Khyati refers to the modification of Buddhi or manifestation by Buddhi.Moreover, it is fully self-luminous. It was originally taught by seers patanjali who experienced the truths enunciated therein.
The Upanisads* teach us that one who knows the bliss of Brahman is not afraid of anything.

Isvarakrsna a later author, compiled nearly all the Samkhya* doctrines in a treatise which is still available and is known as the Samkhya-karika.
Page xv (xi) He has nothing to do with the creation of the universe or life.

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